The tender touch of your hand, the softness in your voice,

I see the way you look at me .. I make your sparkles come alive.



Forgive me if I stumble, as I am a little weak,

My heart works like no other .. Like heavy raindrops I fall.



You find your special place lost inside my heavy soul,

So warm and fuzzy .. You will almost feel whole.



Your lips are the forbidden fruit, the first were never to eat,

It’s true what they say about the eyes .. They will always be lured to deceive.



Tonight to me you just look .. Simply .. Divine.



I fight back the tears as you say “just friends”

Our hearts are completely broken .. That we will never disclose.



Suddenly, again, we are strangers with memories,

Yet hidden deep within my heart .. lies a corner saved just for you.



What I feel I should never show you, that breaks my heart to do,

To me you are pure perfection .. To you, I am simply your world.



Between the broken sheets of chaos, lies love story completely untold,

Long forgotten, broken and lost .. My heart will always endeavor to ask..



Will the right people .. with the wrong time .. ever get a second chance?