So beautiful, and so strong
You were fighting a battle, in a world you did not belong.
Parts of you felt trapped; you only wanted to be free,
So far gone, could you ever let yourself be?
Your sea of demons had become so rough,
You were drowning so deep, being saved was not enough.

It is tempting to hate you,
To see you as the enemy, or as the unwelcome flu.
You took your own life, and passed your pain over to me,
Abandoning your world, you are now set free,
Your sea of demons have completely gone,
You were drowning so deep, my life must always carry on.

My days are lost with you,
I am fighting a battle, but my face will never go blue,
Parts of me feel trapped; I only want to be set free,
So far gone, could I ever let myself be?
My sea of demons have become so rough,
I am drowning so deep, I will battle through.. Sure enough.