According to Einstein time is “The diving line between past, present, and future is an illusion” The concept of time has been around for hundreds of years, so long that there is no definite beginning of time. Early humans would use daily rituals and the changes of the environment to judge how much ‘time’ has passed.

These numbers we call ‘time’ have a massive influence on our daily lives, we are always so worried about things like, getting to work on time, how long we have until our next meeting, or how old we are. From the moment we are born we are constantly battling against the clock, we are always wanting and fighting more ‘time.’

The problem we have with time is, we all realize we only have a set number of days to live, there is so much for us to do in this world that we just want to do it all. “How can I move faster? How can I do more in less and less time?” These are the questions that always cease to torment us. We all want to be first, to win the race of life. We have this idea that if we rush around all day and get everything done ASAP, we will have more time for leisure, more time to work on the thing we want. But, the truth is… For most of us the more time we have ‘spare,’ the more time we waste.

Successful people are those who have come to the realization that ‘time’ is merely just a factor of numbers. Life isn’t about the number or the days we have left, or about how many hours we have in the day, life is more about the ‘time’ we spend our energy on. If we are constantly on social media, associating with negative people, or doing emotionally draining activities an adverse effect will take place on our energy. We become so drained and so worn out that we don’t want to spend out time productively we’ll more than likely spend the night watching TV and then complain about having no time the next day.

Take a step out and look at who and what you are spending your energy on, if you cut out all the negative aspects of your life, you will more than likely see that you will have more ‘time’ for leisure. You will be happier, more productive and very successful. I have personally come to the conclusion that time is merely an illusion, it’s what you spend your energy on that counts.